Terhi ABS Boats

Our 2019 Terhi boat stock has arrived we haveĀ  Saiman in green or white, 385 in green or white 400, 400c in green or white, 440 in white, 450c + 450cc in white and 475BR in white all available as boat, outboard and trailer packages, please give us a call.

Durable and safe Terhi Boats have been manufactured for demanding northern conditions in the small fishing community of Rymattyla in Finland for over 44 years with over 200,000 boats.

They are manufactured with a sandwich structure, by vacuum forming the shells from ABS plastic and by adding polyurethane foam in the hull. The biggest advantage of this Terhi ABS Boatsmethod is the speed of manufacturing and the uniform quality of the industrial production.

Thanks to it unique manufacturing method and broad-minded attitude towards product development, Terhi has grown into a popular and valued international boat brand.

We have now been a Terhi Boat dealer for over 20 years!


The Terhi boat is completely unsinkable, it floats when filled with water and loaded with the largest load allowed.

Thanks to its structure and the resulting advantageous centre of gravity, Terhi is a boat that is much steadier and safer than the competitors in its size.

User Friendly

High -quality finish thanks to the ABS shells. UV protection preserves the material for years, easy to clean and maintain.

The manufacturing method enables convenient and versatile storage space.

Terhi is a very quiet and smooth running boat thanks to the sandwich construction.

High Quality and Durability

The resilience of the ABS plastic helps Terhi boats withstand incredibly hard impacts.

For more images of Terhi ABS boats click here.

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